We suffer of consumption fever. We sweat. We calculate how much money is left against soul-taking bank products being loyally consumed by us. At every step we add a bit of dissatisfaction for not having that cream, those glasses, those very blue jeans, that bag, only those shoes, that phone model…We lost out of sight our ten fingers, ideas and the good old creativity.


Creativity – the refined string that sets us in motion, creation energy that makes us enthusiastic, that inspires and drives us out of cliché to dare, to be who we are.

Over flooded with choices we more and more often cross into the zone of impulsive purchase, resulting in cupboard full of clothes of “so and so” category. From season to season we pack them, maybe only changing their place, and with compulsory excuse “I may need it…”

Collection feature emerges also through piling up things that are, from various reasons, cherished, value-added, emotion- bound, whatever the motive is: memories, gift or heritage.


Being a great fan of fashion, seasonal buyocholic, be that clothes, shoes, accessories or fashion photography I am easily trapped by “I have nothing to wear, I need everything”, although avalanche of items from my cupboard threaten to cause me heavy injuries.

Starting from idea that I really need the piece I cannot find at all, and being passionate to have it at any cost, I began recycling bit by bit. I was always inspired by a process of creation from a strip to a tie, from a piece of textile to an item of clothing.

do it

I do not have in mind complex pattern of couture, but our small contribution to demonstrate our personal creativity or realization of an idea we were inspired by.

Just jump into the process of creation: imagine, take away, add cut, tie up, sew up, patch, set free your imagination… and voila here is a unique item.

Do we profit from this? Oh, yeah… Think about it…

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