Fashion recycling


Stain is opportunity for fashion recycling and redesign!

My stain is originated from repairman workshop, the composition being of wood dye, of rosewood shade, if for comfort it sounds exotic.


That is the moment when you, out of reason known only to you, go to the repairman workshop wearing new sweatshirt, to check how the repair is progressing. You find out that the colour of the table is not adequate. The repairman generously offers to change the colour by using water-based dye after sandpapering. While talking with you and coating the table with cloth, you simply wish to try. For God’s sake you have never painted furniture with water-based dye, especially not with a cloth, and so carried away you grab a cloth and start dying. Final result of that first experience is the stain which could not be removed by any known agent. No doubt, natural balance is achieved; you amused yourself on one side, and ruined the sweatshirt on the other.


Not a lot of intervention is needed to save this piece of clothing and get it ready for use. Several tassels of various colors, a piece of strip, thread and bit of time will do. Also, there is an option to put tassels on a leather string (available in various colors) and thus make your white sweatshirt complete. You may see the process in the short video.

The leather string may be put later on any piece of clothing, as an interesting accessory. Here are some suggestions.


When you have tassels, you also may put them on your bag, or on your shoes and complete your spring outfits.

tassels boho

This is an idea how to recycle sweatshirt and get rid of stained sleeve. White sweatshirt gets a note of boho style which will be popular this season.

Redesign and make fun. Even the most careful ones may be stained

Pompon fashion accessorize mingling with everything!

Pompons over flooding the fashion scene, from small ones found on earrings, to monsters hanging on bags. We meet them on caps, sneakers, shoes, sweaters, sewed on or hanged. The principle is – whatever area on clothing you find suitable put the pompon on. This mania did not passed by me, they are nice, soft, available in various colors and sizes which gives them more than preferable characteristic of easy combination.

pompon idea

How to get pompons?

Due to lack of time, decision was made to pure conformism of quick search at site Alliexpress, selection and click to icon – order. The supply of various colored pompons happily and in full glow has reached me from China, giving the whole story a kind of international note and breaking the prejudice on internet ordering and payment with Serbian people. This, of course, is an easier choice, yet, as for everything, there is a more difficult one which deserves more respect – be your own master / meaning hand-making of pompons. This more difficult option gives greater creation possibilities in colors and sizes fitted to your own needs, but also requires time dedicated to such activity. Here are some tutorials how to make them. I looked at them thrilled, but, regrettably, my engagement finished at that step. How to make pompon – CLICK

pompon shoes

In concept of fashion recycling these puffs cozily find their place and fully justified their purpose.

pompon coat

I made my collection of pompons mobile, easily portable from one to another piece of clothing. Should you decide to make them walking, there are options to put them on safety pin or sew them on badge base – everything can be found in hobby shops. If you have better idea, that gives faster and more efficient desired result you are welcome to share it.

pompon on shirtOut of all mentioned, we can conclude that pompons got legs – here are some suggestions for their walk on pieces of clothing from my cupboard. For the start I wanted to end this adventure by putting them on one sweater, but as it usually happens I was attacked by other pieces that needed pompons to look just like they should.

 Old cardigan fashion recycling results with attractive clothing item.

There is numerous way to recycle your old cardigan. Here is one simple idea, how to do it for couple of minutes.


Coco Chanel most probably had not in mind plastic spheres resembling pearls when saying “Women need a lot of pearls for every occasion”, but regarding the background of this concept, I like to think that she would excuse and support creativity, without going into the exact composition of the ‘’pearls’’ used.

old cardigan-pearls

For successful preparation of this recipe you will need:

  • One old cardigan –with label- it is ok, I do not wear it, but I feel sorry to throw it away
  • A needle and thread of cardigan colour
  • A bag of ‘’pearls’’ from a hobby shop(quantity, size and colour depend on your taste)
  • Thread through needle, needle through cardigan, through ‘’pearl’’

old cardigan-pearls-work

Note: it is not a good idea to sew ‘’pearls’’ on the back of cardigan, pinches while sitting, kills the magic of wearing.

old cardigan-pearls


Enjoy wearing.

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We suffer of consumption fever. We sweat. We calculate how much money is left against soul-taking bank products being loyally consumed by us. At every step we add a bit of dissatisfaction for not having that cream, those glasses, those very blue jeans, that bag, only those shoes, that phone model…We lost out of sight our ten fingers, ideas and the good old creativity.


Creativity – the refined string that sets us in motion, creation energy that makes us enthusiastic, that inspires and drives us out of cliché to dare, to be who we are.

Over flooded with choices we more and more often cross into the zone of impulsive purchase, resulting in cupboard full of clothes of “so and so” category. From season to season we pack them, maybe only changing their place, and with compulsory excuse “I may need it…”

Collection feature emerges also through piling up things that are, from various reasons, cherished, value-added, emotion- bound, whatever the motive is: memories, gift or heritage.


Being a great fan of fashion, seasonal buyocholic, be that clothes, shoes, accessories or fashion photography I am easily trapped by “I have nothing to wear, I need everything”, although avalanche of items from my cupboard threaten to cause me heavy injuries.

Starting from idea that I really need the piece I cannot find at all, and being passionate to have it at any cost, I began recycling bit by bit. I was always inspired by a process of creation from a strip to a tie, from a piece of textile to an item of clothing.

do it

I do not have in mind complex pattern of couture, but our small contribution to demonstrate our personal creativity or realization of an idea we were inspired by.

Just jump into the process of creation: imagine, take away, add cut, tie up, sew up, patch, set free your imagination… and voila here is a unique item.

Do we profit from this? Oh, yeah… Think about it…