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Market as a place of fashion inspiration only if you turn around enough.

market inspo

Market is so colorful at this time of the year. Colors jump out from all sides and inspire creativity. If we think that we are not quite good in color combining, thus encouraging fear of making a mistake, we stick to classic even when we are not fond of it, it is just a time to rebel a bit. Spring mood, you will admit, is stimulating brightness, courage, escapes from patterns we use to.

boje pijace

You were not brave enough to dress colorfully, but why? Nature is not missing courage to play with complete spectrum of colors, sorting them in the most different ways. How many times you were trapped: you liked a piece of clothing but not being in color you used to wear, so you gave up or change it for black, white or grey, making an excuse – it is easier for combining, no mistake with basic colors, it is not for me, my ages not allow… Final score: we make a compromise when we do not have to.

inspired by nature

We admire the food arrangement on the plate, we are thrilled while taking photos, as it represent an esthetic perfection. We are brave to eat all these colors and that with pleasure, but are not brave enough to go for a walk with them represented through clothing combinations. Fear that we would look like movable ikebana makes us stick to tested color structures. I personally prefer colors, and wherefrom comes the inspiration for this post, dating back to last weekend at Zemun market. The market is the biggest from time immemorial during the weekend, and going to the market almost becomes a ritual. When you sneak in between counters, being overflown by scents and colors, and moreover if you know people at the market being their customer for a long time, beside the sense of sight and smell your sense of taste will be provoked. The only thing being better then chewing directly from the counter is chewing from the garden (which is not workable due to the location of living).


While my tomato, onion and green salad are packed, I am thinking how nature made them look nice and ask myself whether I have ever, yet not paying any attention, dressed as this simple salad. Yes, I have, and here is the photo to prove it.

salad outfit

Being in the mood dress like groceries I go on, and here are small radish and lemon and one more idea for clothing combination.

color combination

Conclusion: So inspired you maybe make color combinations not yet made, surprising yourself by your own skill.

market and fashion

With Belgrade night market manifestation, market become place of evening gathering of groceries sellers, designers, artist, winemakers… under the open sky.

Until next market weekend…


Palazzo trousers, printed or one color is easy to combine!

palazzo trosers

If you have palazzo trousers or similar piece, combining it for various occasions is a piece of cake. For a daily use you may wear them with sneakers and ordinary T-shirt, of whatever colour is found on trousers. My choice for taking pictures is a white T-shirt and white All Star sneakers. I took into consideration all T-shirts I already have and can say that I prefer wide ones. For a less casual type of dressing I would propose ballet shoes, shirt … in that cocept you may wear it in business occasion too.

palazzo trousers floral print

For special occasions or night going out there are high-heeled shoes and blouse, some interesting jewelry. I do respect the choice of A bit of everything, meaning that you may go out even in sneackers and to the shop in high-heeled shoes. This is, of course, a matter of style, mood and attitude towards dressing.

palazzo trousers one color

To avoid freezing, mosquitos attack or to observe a dress-code of some institutions, a jeans or suit jacket are welcome.

palazzo trousers

colorful palazoo trousers

Let’s resume; such trousers are compatible with pieces and footwear you already have, so you have only to look into the cupboard and make your own best mix. Whatever style is your favorite, no doubt you may find the way to fit them in.

palazzo trousers

I classify this palazzo trousers as a justified purchasing. It proved to be excellent for combinations and very comfortable for wearing. The advantage of this type of trousers is that it fits to every type of woman body. Let us not go deep into anatomy, so I show basic types, and the rest are surely variations not affecting the adjusted wear of this piece. Whatever your body shape is; apple, banana, pear or sand-clock, you are ready to walk in these type of trousers.

woman body shape

The doll I take picture of has ideal measures and  trousers on her you may see in photos. My appearance is what we usually call pocket or shortened edition, which would mean before wearing I have to shortening palazzo trousers, I would not deal with discrimination :). High waist is a part of these trousers, due to which you will look higher, and your legs will look longer, which without doubt could be noted as advantage.

easy combination

Due to all these mentioned advantages of wide leg trousers, I have both multicoloured and single coloured, which gives me limitless combinations possibilities.

Trousers you see in hotos are from Zara

Why the doll is my photo model you can read here.

Tassels are for quick and easy redesign!

My previous post was dedicated to saving stained sweatshirt, and for that purpose tassels proved to be a good idea. As usually, once you realize one idea, a creative process get panted, while possibilities simply line up.


Somehow spring and summer always associate to multicolor and fluttery, and colourful pendants fit both criteria. Why should decoration be reserved only for winter magic charms. I tested further where they could be put on, yet to be attractive. So, tassels ended at a simple hand-bag, which became decorated hand-bag, fitting greatly with actual moccasin with tassels.

tassels bag

In case you do not have a pair shoes with tassels, or you got bored with a pair from your range, you may quickly and easily recycle them using tassels. You may glue up tassels on them or simply sew them on, in case you wish to redesign your shoes with tassels of some other colors, which will fit better to selected piece of clothing.

tassels shoes

 I used this method even on high-heeled shoes, as well we on ballet shoes, and in both cases I was pleased with the result. You may see on photos how the change of place of tassels also changes the look of the shoes.

redesign shoes

redesign tassels

If you put them at the ends of 1 m leather string, you will be able to change their place faster and easier. Tassels may be relocated from strings of various colours, thus providing their suitability for various clothing combinations. Putting them around your neck you get a necklase, around the waist you get a belt, around the head you get a strip for hair, the choice is yours. You may see how the process goes in a short video.

They proved to be a convenient accessory for decorative pillows, being frequently inevitable elements of living and sleeping rooms. They also look attractive on curtains or  tablecloths and offer the opportunity of quick and easy refreshment of interior.

Should you be interested in being your own master from start to end, here is the way how to make tassels by own hands. Should you decide for purchase, they are available in handy-craftshops, if you make up your mind to decorate yourself for spring\summer season, meaning that you need a larger quantity, I recommend to order it at AliExpress.

tassels fun

Happy decorating !

Patches can be so chic!

Sweater and sweatshirt with artificial fur patches proved to be excellent during the past winter season.


They were easy to combine with pieces I have and were born in various occasions. They found their place be it as casual or formal outfit. For a very short time dedicated to recycle an old sweater and sweatshirt they more than justified the expectations. I wore them with pleasure, even excessively.

fur patches

Depending on the mood when I woke up, I used to combine these recycled pieces, conceptualizing them most differently.

sweatshirt patches

They were seen at work, coffee bar, theater. I wore them with rubber boots, high-heels, folded skirt, jeans, trousers.

cardigan patches

Dotted and checked pattern materials on shirts, as well as silky sweatshirts with lace fitted perfectly, likewise berets and hats.

chic patches

The painted wall inside a building in Zagreb served the purpose for taking photos of some occasions when worn. The project of reversed dressing and modeling was of course supported by my partner in all “crimes”.  As preparing for shooting is always funny, this was not an exception even this time, and personally I prefer these moments of come to be. These unforgettable memories bring back a smile whenever remembered

How to hast recycle your old cardigan and sweatshirt with fur patches you can see HERE

Wooden bow is always a good idea!

We are familiar with bows from early childhood, be them the miniature ones being put in our hair, later being put on dresses, shirts, T-shirts, hair bands. Whatever material they are made of and whatever the size is, they always complete the clothing combination, be it of casual or elegant choice.

wooden bowtie

Tie has always that unisex note and therefore in male population it has been connected with formal occassions for along time, yet, recently it has found a place in popular hister fashion. You are not obliged to wear a tail-coat in order to put a bowtie. My personal favorite is a necktie well matched with checked-pattern shirts, combination of leisure and elegance.

wooden bowMy first encounter with wooden bowtie happened few years ago at hand made festival in Belgrade, when I saw Nemanja’s stand with handful of neckties, all made of wood. I was double thrilled when saw his enthusiasm and the finalization of an excellent idea. Even today he is successful in realization of his creativity through pieces of his brand Bowtie wooden style, you can find it HERE. He offers a variety of bowties being worn with pleasure both by men and women, small ones for children and tiny ones on bracelets. Even notepads with wood cover, very up-to-dated, are not missing and you can find also suspenders with wood elements.

bowtie wooden

Common denominator is the composition, wood, and variety and uniquenes are made through colourfull textiles, laser ray cut, as well as he is offering the possibility to make a personalized product from his range only for you.

My pleasure is to inform you that wooden bow is a pet friendly product!

dog with bowtie

Wooden bow that I have are value added since they are adjusted, when required, to be worn regularly on shirt, sometimes they end up on my head, around my wrist or as a choker, only depending of a mood or an outfit combination.


I have already mentioned that I am always inspired by a bond of old handicrafts and modern ideas. One more such positive example may be seen at this post.

Mother’s skirt from ’70s is on the fashion scene again!

mother's skirt

Mother’s skirt from ’70s is one of only couple of things generously saved and which in time passed over to my cupboard. I would not say that in those years she would have in mind the natural fact of flow which presumes fashion cycling.mother's skirt

In case you are in a better position regarding inherited garments, do not dispose them when clearing the cupboards as they will be trendy again. Such pieces have an additional value, years of service, telling stories of past times, they are weaved through with emotions.

mother's skirt

Today my mum’s skirt from ’70s is up-to-date again and I wear it with pleasure in several outfits depending on the mood and occasions.

70s skirtIt is spiced with things existing on my shelves and supporting elegant, business, casual, investigative and sport codex.

70s skirt

Little girl fashion entertainment

Here is a suggestion for simple little girl fashion entertainment for mums or in my case aunt, in cases when weather forecast is not working in your favor, so to say is obstructing going out (it’s raining cats and dogs strongly supported by the wind).

Not to cause unnecessary disputes on children amusement and how dressing is of the least importance please note that she did her homework, talked English, counted to 10 in 3 foreign languages, exercised kata, solved dilemma on interpersonal relationships postulates in third class of elementary school, red Theseus and Minotaur and told in her own words so that we could be sure that she understood what she had red.


She had a role of stylist, she understood her today’s task seriously and approached it likewise, she is nine. She was free to express her ideas on dress code using available resources from my cupboard, shoes, jewelry box. I am not a hoarder, but the collection grew during the years, and from time to time when something is missing, it must be added.

Of course she took a chance to walk in high-heeled shoes – thrilled with their comfort – attributed to naïve child’s illusion. Along with dressing the doll model and in between choosing the next dress combination she was as quick as lightning getting dressed in my clothing. You do not need a doll for this game, it is sufficient to let her change clothes in a right way.


In a semi-threatening tone she declared:”Do not, by any chance give anybody your things, I need every piece, when I grow up.’’ It is understandable since I use the same tone, only in past tense, to my mum when I look at the photos in her youth, as except 2 skirts and one dress I inherited nothing else.

When she would dress-up as grown-up, it would look like this, three combinations at her choice, on photos.


Epilogue: two hours of laugh, serious disputes on matching materials, colors, differences in style depending on various occasions and for the end – strawberry on the top of whipped cream –stored memories.

Handicraft with modern idea leads to competitive fashion product.

My excitement with these slippers was not caused by a necessity for a better blood circulation contributed by wool, although it is an advantage, but it is based on combination concept of modern ideas and old handicrafts. Inclusion of women being skilled with needles into up-to-date trends enabling them market approach provokes my great respect.

fashion handicraft fashion handicraft

This concept is successfully managed in Bazerdzan , a shop in Sarajevo. Their range of products may be found at Bazerdzan concept store

There is always an option to engage your mothers, grandmothers or your own hands and start attending knitting course and realize your creative ideas in that way.

fashion handicraftOf course, you should not ignore in any way benefits of handicraft to the nerves in order of calming down, focusing and training of patience which is necessary for all of us.

fashion handicraft

For the needs of all social media, not mentioning all of them separately, I took photos of mentioned slippers. For this photo session in home conditions (read as: cope with however you know with available resources): what you need is of someone’s legs, a mirror, a flower (natural or artificial), and in my case a piece of black cloth of handicraft

When I get dressed (Bend my hat, put a trinkets, I am that brand, and this is my style…minimalism

I use a doll for the purpose of taking photos of piece of clothing combinations, the reason being very simple – reduction of mine and else’s time and simplified logistics. I would swear that people are a bit surprised when I put her in my arms .and make a move to chosen locations for taking photos; yet, maybe I am wrong in interpretation of their glimpse (read as: I comfort my self quickly).

photo shooting

She has no name, we do not talk while working, although, in a way, we live and work together, still we are at the very beginning, if our relationship become deeper I will inform you…

posestyleIt is all about possibilities created by you, it is matter of style how you will use it.