My interests are so diversified that I would need a minimum 40-hours-day, but such daybreak never happens. After unsuccessful battle with a nature I have began to trace that mess of interests with an aim to reduce them at least to a common denominator.

The originating of blog is in fact correlated to uniting of my passions. I am an economist by profession, but at heart a creative person, in love with style, fashion, photography and people. According to type of person classification – anxious, so in this segment of blog I will deal with anxiety in the role of spiritus movens.


Anxiety is, in spite of unpleasant symptomatology, a creative process!!!

Whatever your interests may be, take a time to deal with them. It is not easy, as nothing is, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible and not funny, only when you jerk and start.


You don’t know wherefrom to start – from places where people sharing your interests meet. Possibilities are created, not granted. Put your fingers on keyboard, click the button and Google says … free of charge workshops, events, you are at the spring (source) of information which makes the step into the process of creation of your opportunities much easier.


Eat the beasts of fear and laziness, I warmly recommend to chew up first the ones of smaller weight.