Handicraft with modern idea leads to competitive fashion product.

My excitement with these slippers was not caused by a necessity for a better blood circulation contributed by wool, although it is an advantage, but it is based on combination concept of modern ideas and old handicrafts. Inclusion of women being skilled with needles into up-to-date trends enabling them market approach provokes my great respect.

fashion handicraft fashion handicraft

This concept is successfully managed in Bazerdzan , a shop in Sarajevo. Their range of products may be found at Bazerdzan concept store

There is always an option to engage your mothers, grandmothers or your own hands and start attending knitting course and realize your creative ideas in that way.

fashion handicraftOf course, you should not ignore in any way benefits of handicraft to the nerves in order of calming down, focusing and training of patience which is necessary for all of us.

fashion handicraft

For the needs of all social media, not mentioning all of them separately, I took photos of mentioned slippers. For this photo session in home conditions (read as: cope with however you know with available resources): what you need is of someone’s legs, a mirror, a flower (natural or artificial), and in my case a piece of black cloth of 2m.fashion handicraft