Fashion recycling – let’s play with artificial fur patches

Since the fur was really trendy this season, depending on empathy level for chinchillas, rabbits, foxes you can choose natural or artificial fur. Yet, besides sympathy feeling towards furry animal regular deciding factor is also the depth of your pocket. In autumn-winter season grayness I am cheered up when I see how it looks when multicoloured shaggy coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, caps, bags and shoes moving around the streets.

fashion recycling

Personally, I prefer fur as accessories, patches or pockets on sweater or sweatshirt. In accordance with that, and moreover not succeeding to find a suitable piece, I took my old sweater and oversized sweatshirt and added patches to the area predicted for pockets. Reading between the lines, I am a short version, and a popular “oversized” on me looks like a sack from which the head is peeping out at one side and something resembling legs at the other side.

old staff

You can find artificial and natural fur in yard-goods shops, and my choice was artificial fur. 20 cm is quite enough. Out of that piece I cut two pieces of 20 cm and sewed them on my sweater and sweatshirt. The colour and the shape of fur you will put on your clothes will be your personal seal.

fashion recycling

Passing time 20 minutes, necessary resources:

  • Sweater and sweatshirt – can be larger if you are a fan of oversized pieces
  • 20 cm of artificial fur
  • Needle and thread
  • Hands

model doll

fashion recycling

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