Old cardigan fashion recycling results with attractive clothing item.

There is numerous way to recycle your old cardigan. Here is one simple idea, how to do it for couple of minutes.


Coco Chanel most probably had not in mind plastic spheres resembling pearls when saying “Women need a lot of pearls for every occasion”, but regarding the background of this concept, I like to think that she would excuse and support creativity, without going into the exact composition of the ‘’pearls’’ used.

old cardigan-pearls

For successful preparation of this recipe you will need:

  • One old cardigan –with label- it is ok, I do not wear it, but I feel sorry to throw it away
  • A needle and thread of cardigan colour
  • A bag of ‘’pearls’’ from a hobby shop(quantity, size and colour depend on your taste)
  • Thread through needle, needle through cardigan, through ‘’pearl’’

old cardigan-pearls-work

Note: it is not a good idea to sew ‘’pearls’’ on the back of cardigan, pinches while sitting, kills the magic of wearing.

old cardigan-pearls


Enjoy wearing.

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