Patches can be so chic!

Sweater and sweatshirt with artificial fur patches proved to be excellent during the past winter season.


They were easy to combine with pieces I have and were born in various occasions. They found their place be it as casual or formal outfit. For a very short time dedicated to recycle an old sweater and sweatshirt they more than justified the expectations. I wore them with pleasure, even excessively.

fur patches

Depending on the mood when I woke up, I used to combine these recycled pieces, conceptualizing them most differently.

sweatshirt patches

They were seen at work, coffee bar, theater. I wore them with rubber boots, high-heels, folded skirt, jeans, trousers.

cardigan patches

Dotted and checked pattern materials on shirts, as well as silky sweatshirts with lace fitted perfectly, likewise berets and hats.

chic patches

The painted wall inside a building in Zagreb served the purpose for taking photos of some occasions when worn. The project of reversed dressing and modeling was of course supported by my partner in all “crimes”.  As preparing for shooting is always funny, this was not an exception even this time, and personally I prefer these moments of come to be. These unforgettable memories bring back a smile whenever remembered

How to hast recycle your old cardigan and sweatshirt with fur patches you can see HERE