Little girl fashion entertainment

Here is a suggestion for simple little girl fashion entertainment for mums or in my case aunt, in cases when weather forecast is not working in your favor, so to say is obstructing going out (it’s raining cats and dogs strongly supported by the wind).

Not to cause unnecessary disputes on children amusement and how dressing is of the least importance please note that she did her homework, talked English, counted to 10 in 3 foreign languages, exercised kata, solved dilemma on interpersonal relationships postulates in third class of elementary school, red Theseus and Minotaur and told in her own words so that we could be sure that she understood what she had red.


She had a role of stylist, she understood her today’s task seriously and approached it likewise, she is nine. She was free to express her ideas on dress code using available resources from my cupboard, shoes, jewelry box. I am not a hoarder, but the collection grew during the years, and from time to time when something is missing, it must be added.

Of course she took a chance to walk in high-heeled shoes – thrilled with their comfort – attributed to naïve child’s illusion. Along with dressing the doll model and in between choosing the next dress combination she was as quick as lightning getting dressed in my clothing. You do not need a doll for this game, it is sufficient to let her change clothes in a right way.


In a semi-threatening tone she declared:”Do not, by any chance give anybody your things, I need every piece, when I grow up.’’ It is understandable since I use the same tone, only in past tense, to my mum when I look at the photos in her youth, as except 2 skirts and one dress I inherited nothing else.

When she would dress-up as grown-up, it would look like this, three combinations at her choice, on photos.


Epilogue: two hours of laugh, serious disputes on matching materials, colors, differences in style depending on various occasions and for the end – strawberry on the top of whipped cream –stored memories.