Market as a place of fashion inspiration only if you turn around enough.

market inspo

Market is so colorful at this time of the year. Colors jump out from all sides and inspire creativity. If we think that we are not quite good in color combining, thus encouraging fear of making a mistake, we stick to classic even when we are not fond of it, it is just a time to rebel a bit. Spring mood, you will admit, is stimulating brightness, courage, escapes from patterns we use to.

boje pijace

You were not brave enough to dress colorfully, but why? Nature is not missing courage to play with complete spectrum of colors, sorting them in the most different ways. How many times you were trapped: you liked a piece of clothing but not being in color you used to wear, so you gave up or change it for black, white or grey, making an excuse – it is easier for combining, no mistake with basic colors, it is not for me, my ages not allow… Final score: we make a compromise when we do not have to.

inspired by nature

We admire the food arrangement on the plate, we are thrilled while taking photos, as it represent an esthetic perfection. We are brave to eat all these colors and that with pleasure, but are not brave enough to go for a walk with them represented through clothing combinations. Fear that we would look like movable ikebana makes us stick to tested color structures. I personally prefer colors, and wherefrom comes the inspiration for this post, dating back to last weekend at Zemun market. The market is the biggest from time immemorial during the weekend, and going to the market almost becomes a ritual. When you sneak in between counters, being overflown by scents and colors, and moreover if you know people at the market being their customer for a long time, beside the sense of sight and smell your sense of taste will be provoked. The only thing being better then chewing directly from the counter is chewing from the garden (which is not workable due to the location of living).


While my tomato, onion and green salad are packed, I am thinking how nature made them look nice and ask myself whether I have ever, yet not paying any attention, dressed as this simple salad. Yes, I have, and here is the photo to prove it.

salad outfit

Being in the mood dress like groceries I go on, and here are small radish and lemon and one more idea for clothing combination.

color combination

Conclusion: So inspired you maybe make color combinations not yet made, surprising yourself by your own skill.

market and fashion

With Belgrade night market manifestation, market become place of evening gathering of groceries sellers, designers, artist, winemakers… under the open sky.

Until next market weekend…