Mother’s skirt from ’70s is on the fashion scene again!

mother's skirt

Mother’s skirt from ’70s is one of only couple of things generously saved and which in time passed over to my cupboard. I would not say that in those years she would have in mind the natural fact of flow which presumes fashion cycling.mother's skirt

In case you are in a better position regarding inherited garments, do not dispose them when clearing the cupboards as they will be trendy again. Such pieces have an additional value, years of service, telling stories of past times, they are weaved through with emotions.

mother's skirt

Today my mum’s skirt from ’70s is up-to-date again and I wear it with pleasure in several outfits depending on the mood and occasions.

70s skirtIt is spiced with things existing on my shelves and supporting elegant, business, casual, investigative and sport codex.

70s skirt