Palazzo trousers, printed or one color is easy to combine!

palazzo trosers

If you have palazzo trousers or similar piece, combining it for various occasions is a piece of cake. For a daily use you may wear them with sneakers and ordinary T-shirt, of whatever colour is found on trousers. My choice for taking pictures is a white T-shirt and white All Star sneakers. I took into consideration all T-shirts I already have and can say that I prefer wide ones. For a less casual type of dressing I would propose ballet shoes, shirt … in that cocept you may wear it in business occasion too.

palazzo trousers floral print

For special occasions or night going out there are high-heeled shoes and blouse, some interesting jewelry. I do respect the choice of A bit of everything, meaning that you may go out even in sneackers and to the shop in high-heeled shoes. This is, of course, a matter of style, mood and attitude towards dressing.

palazzo trousers one color

To avoid freezing, mosquitos attack or to observe a dress-code of some institutions, a jeans or suit jacket are welcome.

palazzo trousers

colorful palazoo trousers

Let’s resume; such trousers are compatible with pieces and footwear you already have, so you have only to look into the cupboard and make your own best mix. Whatever style is your favorite, no doubt you may find the way to fit them in.

palazzo trousers

I classify this palazzo trousers as a justified purchasing. It proved to be excellent for combinations and very comfortable for wearing. The advantage of this type of trousers is that it fits to every type of woman body. Let us not go deep into anatomy, so I show basic types, and the rest are surely variations not affecting the adjusted wear of this piece. Whatever your body shape is; apple, banana, pear or sand-clock, you are ready to walk in these type of trousers.

woman body shape

The doll I take picture of has ideal measures and  trousers on her you may see in photos. My appearance is what we usually call pocket or shortened edition, which would mean before wearing I have to shortening palazzo trousers, I would not deal with discrimination :). High waist is a part of these trousers, due to which you will look higher, and your legs will look longer, which without doubt could be noted as advantage.

easy combination

Due to all these mentioned advantages of wide leg trousers, I have both multicoloured and single coloured, which gives me limitless combinations possibilities.

Trousers you see in hotos are from Zara

Why the doll is my photo model you can read here.