Pompon fashion accessorize mingling with everything!

Pompons over flooding the fashion scene, from small ones found on earrings, to monsters hanging on bags. We meet them on caps, sneakers, shoes, sweaters, sewed on or hanged. The principle is – whatever area on clothing you find suitable put the pompon on. This mania did not passed by me, they are nice, soft, available in various colors and sizes which gives them more than preferable characteristic of easy combination.

pompon idea

How to get pompons?

Due to lack of time, decision was made to pure conformism of quick search at site Alliexpress, selection and click to icon – order. The supply of various colored pompons happily and in full glow has reached me from China, giving the whole story a kind of international note and breaking the prejudice on internet ordering and payment with Serbian people. This, of course, is an easier choice, yet, as for everything, there is a more difficult one which deserves more respect – be your own master / meaning hand-making of pompons. This more difficult option gives greater creation possibilities in colors and sizes fitted to your own needs, but also requires time dedicated to such activity. Here are some tutorials how to make them. I looked at them thrilled, but, regrettably, my engagement finished at that step. How to make pompon – CLICK

pompon shoes

In concept of fashion recycling these puffs cozily find their place and fully justified their purpose.

pompon coat

I made my collection of pompons mobile, easily portable from one to another piece of clothing. Should you decide to make them walking, there are options to put them on safety pin or sew them on badge base – everything can be found in hobby shops. If you have better idea, that gives faster and more efficient desired result you are welcome to share it.

pompon on shirtOut of all mentioned, we can conclude that pompons got legs – here are some suggestions for their walk on pieces of clothing from my cupboard. For the start I wanted to end this adventure by putting them on one sweater, but as it usually happens I was attacked by other pieces that needed pompons to look just like they should.