Tassels are for quick and easy redesign!

My previous post was dedicated to saving stained sweatshirt, and for that purpose tassels proved to be a good idea. As usually, once you realize one idea, a creative process get panted, while possibilities simply line up.


Somehow spring and summer always associate to multicolor and fluttery, and colourful pendants fit both criteria. Why should decoration be reserved only for winter magic charms. I tested further where they could be put on, yet to be attractive. So, tassels ended at a simple hand-bag, which became decorated hand-bag, fitting greatly with actual moccasin with tassels.

tassels bag

In case you do not have a pair shoes with tassels, or you got bored with a pair from your range, you may quickly and easily recycle them using tassels. You may glue up tassels on them or simply sew them on, in case you wish to redesign your shoes with tassels of some other colors, which will fit better to selected piece of clothing.

tassels shoes

 I used this method even on high-heeled shoes, as well we on ballet shoes, and in both cases I was pleased with the result. You may see on photos how the change of place of tassels also changes the look of the shoes.

redesign shoes

redesign tassels

If you put them at the ends of 1 m leather string, you will be able to change their place faster and easier. Tassels may be relocated from strings of various colours, thus providing their suitability for various clothing combinations. Putting them around your neck you get a necklase, around the waist you get a belt, around the head you get a strip for hair, the choice is yours. You may see how the process goes in a short video.

They proved to be a convenient accessory for decorative pillows, being frequently inevitable elements of living and sleeping rooms. They also look attractive on curtains or  tablecloths and offer the opportunity of quick and easy refreshment of interior.

Should you be interested in being your own master from start to end, here is the way how to make tassels by own hands. Should you decide for purchase, they are available in handy-craftshops, if you make up your mind to decorate yourself for spring\summer season, meaning that you need a larger quantity, I recommend to order it at AliExpress.

tassels fun

Happy decorating !