Stain is opportunity for fashion recycling and redesign!

My stain is originated from repairman workshop, the composition being of wood dye, of rosewood shade, if for comfort it sounds exotic.


That is the moment when you, out of reason known only to you, go to the repairman workshop wearing new sweatshirt, to check how the repair is progressing. You find out that the colour of the table is not adequate. The repairman generously offers to change the colour by using water-based dye after sandpapering. While talking with you and coating the table with cloth, you simply wish to try. For God’s sake you have never painted furniture with water-based dye, especially not with a cloth, and so carried away you grab a cloth and start dying. Final result of that first experience is the stain which could not be removed by any known agent. No doubt, natural balance is achieved; you amused yourself on one side, and ruined the sweatshirt on the other.


Not a lot of intervention is needed to save this piece of clothing and get it ready for use. Several tassels of various colors, a piece of strip, thread and bit of time will do. Also, there is an option to put tassels on a leather string (available in various colors) and thus make your white sweatshirt complete. You may see the process in the short video.

The leather string may be put later on any piece of clothing, as an interesting accessory. Here are some suggestions.


When you have tassels, you also may put them on your bag, or on your shoes and complete your spring outfits.

tassels boho

This is an idea how to recycle sweatshirt and get rid of stained sleeve. White sweatshirt gets a note of boho style which will be popular this season.

Redesign and make fun. Even the most careful ones may be stained