Wooden bow is always a good idea!

We are familiar with bows from early childhood, be them the miniature ones being put in our hair, later being put on dresses, shirts, T-shirts, hair bands. Whatever material they are made of and whatever the size is, they always complete the clothing combination, be it of casual or elegant choice.

wooden bowtie

Tie has always that unisex note and therefore in male population it has been connected with formal occassions for along time, yet, recently it has found a place in popular hister fashion. You are not obliged to wear a tail-coat in order to put a bowtie. My personal favorite is a necktie well matched with checked-pattern shirts, combination of leisure and elegance.

wooden bowMy first encounter with wooden bowtie happened few years ago at hand made festival in Belgrade, when I saw Nemanja’s stand with handful of neckties, all made of wood. I was double thrilled when saw his enthusiasm and the finalization of an excellent idea. Even today he is successful in realization of his creativity through pieces of his brand Bowtie wooden style, you can find it HERE. He offers a variety of bowties being worn with pleasure both by men and women, small ones for children and tiny ones on bracelets. Even notepads with wood cover, very up-to-dated, are not missing and you can find also suspenders with wood elements.

bowtie wooden

Common denominator is the composition, wood, and variety and uniquenes are made through colourfull textiles, laser ray cut, as well as he is offering the possibility to make a personalized product from his range only for you.

My pleasure is to inform you that wooden bow is a pet friendly product!

dog with bowtie

Wooden bow that I have are value added since they are adjusted, when required, to be worn regularly on shirt, sometimes they end up on my head, around my wrist or as a choker, only depending of a mood or an outfit combination.


I have already mentioned that I am always inspired by a bond of old handicrafts and modern ideas. One more such positive example may be seen at this post.